3 Steps For Maintaining Motivation

I see many clients who have looked at the calendar, groaned, and decided that it's time to deal with their back pain, and it often becomes my challenge to make sure that they take advantage of that temporary drive and turn it into a permanent one. Here are a few things to think about when you're considering taking the first step.

4 Fact-Checks On Osteoarthritis

The diagnosis of OA can be a terrifying reality for people, as it's immediately seen as a one-way ticket of progressing pain, dynfunction, and an inevitable joint replacement. How about we take a look at the common believes regarding OA, however, and see what there is to learn?

7 Athletic Therapy And Rehab Myths

Athletic Therapy is still a growing field, and one that the majority of the public is still not entirely aware or educated about. That being said, here are my top seven myths and misconceptions debunked, not only on Athletic Therapy, but also on rehab and recovery as a whole!

Relapse Management And Pain

Regressions and relapses occur in every type of behaviour or lifestyle change, whether it's recovery from pain, smoking, or weight loss. While the ideal is that we persevere through the road block or speed bump and continue on through the recovery process, often, hitting a point where pain returns is often enough to shatter motivation and derail progress altogether.

Social Aspects of Recovery

Instead, it's crucial to keep individuals in pain involved in the world around them. Whether it's from pain, injury, or illness, we know that greater social support is strongly related to an increased chance of recovery.

Stress And Pain

Pain is not a response that's simply caused by a physical lesion alone; it's a complex phenomenon with massive psychosocial and neurochemical contributors as well. And just like how poor sleep can (indirectly) cause an increased sensitivity to pain, perhaps mental distress can as well.

What We Know About Tendinitis

Rather than being an inflammatory condition (as the "-itis" suggests), we're finding the condition to be a structural one with changes to the tendon fibers occurring at the cellular level. Often, a complete absence of inflammation is observe, resulting in the research shifting to the terms, "tendinosis" or "tendinopathy", instead.

When Loved Ones Are In Chronic Pain

We tend to think that pain only affects the individual feeling it, but it can be a difficult thing for the people around them to cope with as well. Educating and helping family or friends of someone with pain is incredibly important, however, as family support is shown to greatly increase the outcomes of pain patients.