What is Athletic Therapy?
Athletic Therapy is a branch of therapy that specializes in musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. While the field has a full scope of practice when it comes to treatment, including massage, joint mobilizations, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and more, our main focus with the rehabilitation process is through the use of therapeutic exercise prescription.
How is Athletic Therapy different from Physiotherapy?
While Physiotherapists have a wider scope of practice that encompasses other areas besides the muscle-and-bone system that Athletic Therapists work with, PT’s will enter the profession with a more general knowledge-base and skillset. AT’s finish their training and education as highly-specialized workers in our branch of the rehabilitation field and are also known to be much more adept when it comes to challenging clients with exercises and progressing them in order to speed the recovery process as much as possible.
What does Athletic Therapy have to offer me that exercising on my own or with a personal trainer doesn’t?
Athletic Therapists are experts in anatomy, physiology, and assessments for physical injuries and conditions. An AT will be able to accurately zone in on the cause or causes of a particular ailment and then determine how to most effectively – and safely – prescribe exercises that will target the affected area and the structures around it to allow healing to occur. An Athletic Therapist will also be able to provide complementary modalities such as massage and electrical stimulation.
Do I need to be an athlete or experienced with exercise to see an Athletic Therapist?
Athletic Therapists are trained to work with any population, regardless of age, background, or experience. The range of demographics that we can work with includes athletes, pediatrics, geriatrics, special populations (such as those with diabetes or heart disease), whiplash victims, and more. If you’re new to exercise in general, then we will absolutely begin at a starting-level with you and progress you as things go.
Is Athletic Therapy covered by my insurance plan?
Athletic Therapy does not fall underneath the blanket of “Physiotherapy” on extended medical insurance. However, almost all insurance companies in British Columbia have been known to cover these services depending on each individual’s plan. Athletic Therapy may fall under more general categories such as “Rehabilitation” on your own plan, so if you’re unsure, you should contact your insurance company to inquire.
Can I add Athletic Therapy to my insurance plan if it’s not already there?
There is definitely an ability to request that Athletic Therapy be added to your plan. For your convenience, you can visit the links below for the forms to request that it be done, either for an individual plan or to your employer if you are covered by benefits through work.

Insurance - Request to Employer
Insurance - Request to Insurance Company